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Why join fitner

Kick your feet up! With a zumba designed around you, we think
you’ll love it here.

It’s Fun

The more you enjoy your exercise routine, the more likely you are to stick with it. Many people say they have so much fun dancing that they forget they are actually exercising.

Weight Loss

Zumba is a powerful exercise with a 600 to 1,000-calorie burn in just an hour.


Turning your attention to dance, and away from the daily grind, is a great way to relieve stress. Studies show that exercise is very effective at reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and enhancing overall cognitive function.

What get from fitner membership

Fitness classes are basically cardio-dance workouts that use music and easy to follow choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. Classes also contain everything from Bollywood beats to hip-hop and pop.

fat burn

Zumba is a powerful exercise with a 600 to 1,000-calorie burn in just an hour.

fat burn


If you like music, you'll surely enjoy this type of workout and you'll surely love the upbeat and energetic atmosphere in your Zumba class.


pilates & stretching

It gets your heart pumping so you lose weight while enjoying catchy international rhythms.

pilates & stretching

Muscle Sculpe

Toning Sticks, helps you focus on specific muscle groups, enhances sense of rhythm and coordination, while toning target zones, including arms, core and lower body.

Muscle Sculpe

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    Spend ten, get tons
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    Spend ten, get tons
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    Spend ten, get tons
  • ₹2200 /mon

    12 Zumba Classes

Enhance Equipment

All Equipment in our class are technically updated

Experienced Trainer

Bibek Bhowmick more than 5 years experienced zumba trainer will be present for your classes

Health Care Support

We make arrangement for all basic medical and health support for our students in case of emergency

Member Success Stories

Our happy and fit students stories are shared below
you’ll love it here.

"I have joined the Zumba class last November … it is really good. I can feel a bit difference in my figure and I m loving it. It is nothing but having sweat with fun.The trainers are also very friendly and cooperative. So I am enjoying it a lot and want to continue it. - Meghna"

"I met one of the representative regarding Zumba it was a awesome exeprience … I learned a lot from Sandip Sir… He is an awesome human being and a perfect Zumba trainer. - Rohit"

Your personal trainer


He teaches different forms of dance like hip hop, bollywood and contemporary and is a regular participant of popular fitness events. He has attended lots of workshops conducted by eminent dancers of India to improve versatility and is here to spread his love for Zumba! Dance reduces stress & fills one's heart with joy and happiness. Popular for his fun filled and extremely energetic classes, for him, dance is life. He strongly believes, everyone should dance to their own rhythm!

He combine the awesome toning and strengthening power of Step aerobics. Those who are looking to feel the burn, baby! Looking to strengthen and tone your legs and glutes? Step right up.

Winter Membership Offer

1 Demo Class Free ₹ 1000/ Monthly Membership